Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ramgarh attacks: UPDF rejects inquiry committee, protests continue

THE United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF) has rejected the 3-member
inquiry committee headed by Khagrachari ADC Salauddin and demanded
that the government constitutes an independent and impartial judicial
inquiry committee to probe yesterday’s arson attacks on Jumma villages
in Ramgarh.

Pradipan Khisha, chief organiser of UPDF Khagrachari district unit, in
a statement also said the present inquiry committee members are not

“It is because of their biased policies that such unpleasant incidents
centering on land grabbing continue to happen in the Chittagong Hill
Tracts. Therefore, an impartial inquiry cannot be expected from them.”
he added.

He said many Jummas including Ashish Chakma son of Debo Priyo Chakma
of village Balukhali, Rangamati were still missing.

He also said that the number of houses burnt in six villages stands at
93 while about 30 Jummas were injured in the attack.

The six villages that came under attack are Soludong Para, Remrong
Para, Manikchari, Toikarma Para, Podachara and Shonkhola Para.

Protest in Chittagong
The DYF, PCP and HWF held a protest rally in Chittagong. However, the
police prevented them to begin a protest march at the end of the rally
that was held at Shaheed Minar.

Chaired by Ziko Marma, president of DYF Chittagong Metropolitan city
unit, the rally was addressed by Amir Abbas, general secretary of
Jatio Mukti Council, Chittagong-Chittagong Hill Tracts branch; Israt
Jahan Choton of Jatio Ganotanric Gano Manch; distinguished story
writter Ahmed Joshim; Md. Mamun of Jatio Ganotantric Front; Supreme
Chakma, assistant general secretary, DYF central committee; Bakul
Chakma, member of DYF; Konika Dewan, general secretary of HWF; Simon
Chakma, member of PCP central committee; and Palash Chakma, member,

The speakers condemned the arson attacks on Jumma villages in Ramgarh
and demanded that the culprits be brought to justice.

They also urged the government to provide compensation to the victims
and take an urgent and effective measure to stop land grabbing in the

They said as a result of unbridled land grabbing once overwhelmingly
Jumma dominated areas of Ramgarh, Manikchari and Matiranga have
already turned into Bengali-majority areas.

Yet, land grabbing still continues unabated and the settlers continue
to make desperate attempts to capture the remaining lands that still
in the hands of the Marma people.

Ziko Marma said members of the inquiry committed constituted by the
government to probe the incident are not impartial; they are biased.
“Therefore, we reject this committee and demand that the government
instead forms an independent and impartial judicial committee.”

Some of injured
1. Mitu Marma, 12, son of Kyojai Marma of village Chollyabil, Manikcahri.
2. Ulha Prue Marma, 8, son of Kyojai Marma of village Chollyabil, Manikcahri.
3. Kalindra Chakma, 65, of village Porchuram Ghat, Ramgarh.
4. Aina Chakma, 22, wife of Thoba Chakma of village Pokki Muro,
Sindukchari, Mahalchari.
5. Bulu Chakma, 17, son of Bokkya Chakma of village Joutha Khamar, Mahalchari.
6. Usha Marma, 23, son of Ugyo Marma of village Nakapa;
7. Anu Marma, 16, son of Momong Marma of village Baro Pilak, Hafchari
Union, Ramgarh;
8. Mongshe Prue Marma, 30, of village Raikhali, Mirsorai, Chittagong;
9. Ugyo Marma, 11, son of Mongshe Prue Marma of village Raikhali,
Mirsorai, Chittagong;
10. Joti Ranjan Chakma son of Subhash Chakma of village Modhupur, Khagrachari;
11. Chajai Mong Marma, 45, of village Manikchari;
12. Sanio Marma wife of Chajai Mong Marma;
13. Polen Chakma son of Milon Kanti Chakma of village Nuo Para, Dighinala;
14. Sonamuni Chakma, 25, son of Sudar Kumar Chakma of village Joy
Kumar Karbari Para, Kobakhali, Dighinala;
15. Chitra Chakma, 21, wife of Sonamuni Chakma.

Of them, Mitu Marma and Ula Prue Marma are now undergoing treatment in
Matiranga hospital.
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