Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ramgarh attacks: No succor yet

ONE day after the arson attack in Ramgarh, the government has yet to
provide any relief to the victims who have been living under open sky
in the jungle.

Khagrachari MP Jotindra Lal Tripura made a brief visit today to the
area under strict military control. However, he provided no relief to
the victims.

A team of journalists also visited the place of occurrence.

However, a team of Marma Unnoyon Sangsad, a pro-government
organisation, was barred from visiting the affected areas. They were
stopped at Guimara.

A Relief Management Committee for the victims has been formed in
Khagrachari with Binod Bihari Chakma and Monang Dewan as its convener
and member secretary respectively.

Meanwhile, reports said the army and police have increased their
patrol in Khagrachari town instilling a sense of fear among the Jumma
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