Friday, April 15, 2011

Two Soldiers AWOL from Burma Army Shot Dead

Maungdaw: Two Burmese soldiers who absconded from the army with their weapons on the western Burmese border near Bangladesh were shot and killed after being captured by the army, reported a source close to the army.

The soldiers were identified as Corporal Maung Win and Private Maung Phyu from Infantry Battalion 233 based in Buthidaung in western Burma's Arakan State.

"They fled, taking their weapons, from their posts on the frontline in the early morning on 2 April. Their forces hunted them after getting information on their motives. Private Maung Phyu was caught in the evening on the same day at Tamannthar Village, and Corporal Maung Win was caught the next morning at a farm hut near Raenauk Ngarther Village in northern Maungdaw Township. Both of them were executed as traitors after being captured by their force," said the source.

The source added that the two men were shot and killed at the scene where they were captured by Captain Aung Naing Htun, who also masterminded the man-hunt.

"This is the army's practice, the soldier who runs away with their weapons from the frontline or from their base is regarded as a rebel or a traitor and will be executed as an example to intimidate other soldiers not to do the same," added the source.

One of the villagers from Raenauk Ngarther Village also confirmed the army arrived at their village search of the AWOL soldier, who was shot and killed after being caught. They also reported that his body was buried beside the paddy field near the village.

According to sources close to the army, deserters from the army are mostly ordinary soldiers who run away when they get the opportunity due to endemic discrimination and maltreatment, a lack of rights, and lack of sufficient rations in the military.
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