Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restaurants in Sittwe Airport Ordered to Move for Security

Sittwe: The authority of the Sittwe Airport in western Burma's Arakan State has ordered restaurants inside the airport to move out over growing concern about the airport's security, reported one restaurant owner.

"In the letter that was sent to us on 18 March, 2011, by the officer-in-charge of the airport, Moe Thura Tin, it was written that the authority of the airport will not allow any restaurant on its premise for 'the security of the airport', and all restaurants must be moved to outside the airport. We don't know why the authority has concerns now about security," the source said, on condition of anonymity.

According to the source, the restaurants are temporary structures that have been operating near the main building of the airport for many years.

"None of us wants to move our restaurants as we have paid a fair price for opening them. We are worried that our businesses will be ruined if we do not get our payments back," said the source.

They added that they have to move their restaurants from the airport very soon, as the authority has written in the letter that legal action will be taken against those who do not comply with the order.

Although the authority has decided to relocate the restaurants with a plan to increase security in the airport, no official statement is being publicized regarding the government's concerns about airport security.
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