Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hnin Si Anyeint dance troupe joins flood rescue and relief operations

The popular Hnin Si Anyeint dance troupe left Yangon for Rakhine State today as part of a plan to carry out flood rescue and relief operations across the country.
“We plan to travel to flood-affected areas and carry out rescue and relief operations in phases. In the first phase, we will arrange for rescue operations. Then, we will plan for food supply and healthcare. We will leave for the [flood-affected] areas in Rakhine State on August 5. Afterward, we plan to travel to the rest of the country,” said Kyaw Kyaw Bo, a member of Hnin Si Anyeint dance troupe.
“Artists like us are members of the public, and our audiences are our benefactors. That’s why we need to be indivisible with the public. We will try our best to provide our aid,” he added.
The Hnin Si Anyeint dance troupe has donated Ks 5 million to flood rescue operations, Hotel Ace has also donated Ks 5 million, and the Taw Win Foundation has donated Ks 1 million. Members of the public have been invited to donate to the troupe via a counter at Taw Win Centre in Yangon.
Formed by popular actors, comedians and dancers, the Hnin Si Anyeint dance troupe performed in Pathein last weekend, and the proceeds from the performance will be donated to flood victims.
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