Friday, May 2, 2014

Speaker urges Rakhine nationals to uphold the rule of law

Lower House speaker Thura Shwe Mann has called for Rakhine nationals to uphold the rule of law in order to ensure peace and development. He was speaking on the final day of Arakan National Conference on May 1.

“In an effort to develop Rakhine State, the rule of law is crucial. The government has committed to building up a modern, developed and democratic country. In this regard, Rakhine nationals play a crucial part,” said the Speaker. 

He went on to express his gratitude to the central government and State government for allowing the conference to take place.        

“I have heard the word ‘federal’ since my childhood. Some often misunderstand the federation as secession from the union. In fact, the federal system did not mean secession but living in coexistence and sharing power,” he continued.

The onus rests on parliamentarians to encourage citizens to follow the rule of law. To develop the country, all citizens should have firm commitments, law-abiding practices and unity, said the speaker.

Shwe Mann acknowledged that due to the prevalence of centralisation, those from the lower level organisations have fewer rights and power. The central government needs to to share more authority and resources with regional counterparts. 

The speaker has promised that as a MP and a responsible person, he would make relentless efforts to ensure the peace and stability and the development of Rakhine State.
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