Friday, March 14, 2014

Wall Street Corrects Story That MH370 Plane 'Flew For Hours'

Pic: ReutersPic: ReutersTHE Wall Street Journal has issued a correction on its earlier article alleging that Malaysia Airlines’ missing jetliner had flown for hours after losing vanishing off the grid early Saturday morning.

According to The Washington Post, the Journal’s corrected story sticks with by its claim that the plane continued flying “but bails out on how investigators reached that conclusion”.

WSJ’s original story reported that investigators had secured data — sent every half an hour to the ground — from the Rolls Royce engines on the Boeing 777, although Malaysian authorities said no engine data was received after 1.07am on Saturday.

The data, according to Malaysian officials, yielded no conclusion that the flight had continued for four hours as reported by WSJ.

The Post went on to cite a statement from WSJ spokesman Colleen Schwartz to the paper that read: ”The Wall Street Journal confirms its report that US investigators suspect Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 stayed in the air for up to four hours past the time it reached its last confirmed location. The Journal has since learned, however, that this belief is based on an analysis of signals sent through the Boeing 777’s satellite-communication link, and not from data sent by the plane’s Rolls-Royce engines to Rolls Royce, as was earlier incorrectly reported. Our report has been corrected.”

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