Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who is really burning houses and killing people in Arakan?

By Khine Thurein
On 15th June 2012 / 1:36 PM

Conflicts are still going on in Arakan,but, I am sure my peoples didn't start it, and my people are not making the conflicts bigger. Finally, my peoples are not burning and killing the Bengali Rohingyas and my people are not lying to the world. I am 100% sure that we are telling the truth and we are the peoples who love peace. If you have time, you will find the truth listening the voice coming form the heart and if you could read the eyes that will tell you truth stories.

Will you believe it if a person burn his/ her own house? Will you believe it if Arakaneses are one of the poorest peoples who are facing dead-end street as we have lack of support and understanding from the international community and the government. No power in hand to manage and plan of our future living under the situation of suffocation situations as a huge amount of illegal migrants is the same number or more of the Arakan local people.

And I wonder why the government is blocking all the so-called Rohingyas in Arakan only. Why don't the government let them go around the country or why don't international humanitarian countries invite them to live peacefully in their countries if they really care so-called Rohingya? And What I wonder most is that when I heard the news that 14 boats, about 50 Bengali Rohingyas in each were not accepted by Bengalish government nearly a week ago. Of course, they don't even accept their won people of nearly 300 in this conflict time.

Arakan used to be a powerful people throughout the centuries. We had a very strong relationship with Portuguese and Dutch since many centuries ago, especially in 15, 16, 17 century. But, today, we become very powerless people since we lost our kingdom in 1784 December 31.

The current problems, the illegal migration issue is much more bigger than our capacity of the peoples to solve. We respect human rights and value democracy, but, I strongly believe that not accepting million of migrants is not a violation of human right. We are just asking for the rule of law and justice in Arakan.

Especially, the people who are coming to Arakan are the so-caled Rohingyas who are burning houses and even their own houses and run away and lying that Arakaneses are burining their houses and killing them. And they will spread the news that they are living under poor conditions because of racist Arakaneses.

I would like to let you know the current situation in Arakan. I had got a phone call from my family at night at about 2 am and told me that houses were burning even though it was raining yesterday night in Sittwe. A local man told the me that there is lack of security in Sittwe, especially there is no navy security to safeguard the approaching boats to Sittwe.

"There were only very few Arakanese houses left in our quarter, but all were burned by comers by boats with many gallon of oil from the river." He said. Why is it still going on? I am a peace lover. I am an Arakanese. I am not persuading you, but I would like to request you to find the truth with your own critical thinking as I have seen most of the articles written by English are giving favor and writing like So-called Rohingras are innocent people.

Buddhist Arakaneses are killing innocent Rohingyas people like that. You might have seen a photo from Arakan, in which there might have about 12 people as cutting bodies are very difficult to count including about 4 children under 1 or 2 years, women and old people dying in the field away from town or village. They are all Arakaneses.

I am not blaming that all the Bengali Rohingyas are extremists, torrists. But, I would like to say clearly that many more of them are extremists as they are working under control and acting according to orders. It is quite obvious that the way they are doing is like fighting a war implementing step by step systematically that has been arranged, it is not even like a normal conflict. The way they are using the media is very efficient so that they even become the most innocent and persecuted people in the world. At the same time, we automatically become very bad peoples in international community.

I have listened many bitter stories of Arakaneses and Bengali Rohingya too. I am still listening. There is nothing to complain about we are human beings. But, there are over 95% Bengalis in Maung Daw and over 75% Bengali in Buthidaw because of the lack of border security and corruption by the border control officials throughout the governments. Thus, there become the biggest gap ratio population between the local and illegal migrants. And they even are claiming that Arakan is their land and lying the world that they have been oppressed by the local people. I am talking to all the people, but, refer to people who are taking part in the process of lying and propagating to happen conflict and claiming to get Arakan Land.

I am quite sure for everyone if you were an Arakanese, you might likely feel like that as it is unacceptable condition. For me, I am not only standing for my own peoples and but also standing for the truth of the world and peace. I will find peace between the conflict, but, I will also try my best to write the true story of my community, my country and my world. It is also my responsibility to protect my people and to write about them who have lost their houses, gave up lives, and facing ocean of troubles as the conflict is not over yet and people are starving now in Arakan.

By Khine Thurein
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