Saturday, June 16, 2012

Breaking news-Bengali so-called Rohingya terrorists burned Arakan civilian homes

Won Thar Nu

photo-D-nwe Oo
photo-D-nwe Oo

Bengali so-called Rohingya Terrorists burned Arakan civilian homes this morning 1:30 am at PaDaLateShate Ward MyoThuGyi area Sittway city on 15th Jun 2012. Local Arakans confirmed about this burning via phone.

"After they have run away a few days ago due to racial conflicts, Bengali so-called Rohingya Terrorists returned at night to burn Arakan homes with Gasonline bottles," said local Arakan civilians.

Eye witnesses said that the flames were huge and firing rounds were heard but no death was reported.

Even though the local Arakan civilians wanted to help to put off fires, they dare not to come out due to the recent curfew imposed on the city. 
The fire which broke out around 1:00 am local time was contained an hour later at 2:00 am due to the heavy rain.

translated by Sam Christopher
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