Sunday, October 16, 2011

Volunteer: We suffer together

Bangkok Post

Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus, is of the very first refuge centre that the government sets up to accommodate flood victims.

Most flood victims who seek refuge in this centre come from Ayutthaya. A female victim tells TV news that she has been taken care very well at the centre but she misses her submerged home, which is being taken care of by her husband. She and her child sought refuge at the centre two weeks ago.

The centre is run by the university and over 100 volunteer students and other outsider volunteers.

A female fourth year student says she and her friends work around the clock to take care of refugees. There is not much formal rotation. Whoever is tired leaves the work and go to sleep and come back to work when awake.

She says her parents urge her to visit home to take a break, but she says she will see it through until the end.

"We suffer together. They suffer more than us."

Meanwhile, the government headquarters at Lak Si is now ready to accommodate about 500 flood refugees. The first group to seek refuge are residents of Parichart housing estate in Pathum Thani which is now totally submerged.
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