Monday, October 31, 2011

Motorways to be free for 2 weeks

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Motorways to be free for 2 weeks

To help motorists during the flood crisis, tollways, motorways and elevated expressways will remain free of charge till November 14.

Supoj Sublom, permanent-secretary of the Transport Ministry, said yesterday the ministry has extended the toll-free period for the Bangkok-Chon Buri Motorway (Route 7) and the Bang Phli-Bang Pa-in Motorway (Route 9) from tomorrow till November 14.

The Expressway Authority of Thailand will also extend the free use of its tollways from Bang Na to Chon Buri (Buraphawithi), Bang Phli to Rama II (Kanchanapisek) and At Narong-Ram Intra to Lamlooka (Chalongrat) till November 14.

Pol Maj General Amnuay Nimmano, deputy Metropolitan Police commissioner, said police would take legal action against traders who hoard the 16 goods recently added to the price control list of the Commerce Ministry's Internal Trade Department.

They are sanitary napkins, sleeping bags, water pumps, water tanks, batteries, sand and sandbags, candles, bottled water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, torches, silicone, boots, rubber boats, 15-passenger boats, life vests, and |bricks.

Traders are also not allowed to sell these goods above the controlled prices or refuse sales without reason. Violators face up to seven years' imprisonment and/or Bt140,000 fine.
No cases have been reported of robberies in the flood-hit residential areas covered by the Metropolitan Police or of thefts of cars left parked on flyovers and expressways to avoid water damage.

"There have been complaints only about broken side mirrors because drivers parked their cars in tight spaces,'' he said.

Penalties would be doubled for those who commit crimes in flooded areas, he added.
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