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19 Arrested Muslims Moved to Buthidaung Prison

Posted by Arakan Indobhasa Friday, April 15, 2011

Maungdaw: 19 Muslim men who were arrested on suspicion of having links to the Taliban were moved to Buthidaung prison on Friday from the Maungdaw police station for security reasons, reported police and local sources.

The authority shifted them to Buthidaung on Friday after the court fixed the next hearing date in their case for 22 April.

A local resident close to the police told Narinjara over the phone, "I was told by police that the 19 arrested Muslim men were shifted to Buthidaung prison from Maungdaw for security reasons after they were produced before a judge in the Maungdaw District court. The authorities do not want to lock them up at the Maungdaw police station for a long time with no trial."

From 13 to 17 April is the official new year holiday in Burma and authorities will bring them before the court after the holiday.

"The authority is concerned over security in Maungdaw during the new year holiday. So the authority shifted them to Buthidaung prison from Maungdaw. Security in Buthidaung is better than Maungdaw because there are many security forces," he said.

Maungdaw is a district town but it has no prison because it is near the border area with Bangladesh. The town of Buthidaung is located just 16 miles east of Maungdaw and the government has built up their largest security forces there to guard military institutions.

A lawyer from Maungdaw also confirmed that the 19 Muslim men were shifted to Buthidaung prison and they will be brought to Maungdaw on 22 April for trial.

The men were arrested by Burmese authorities in several villages in northern Maungdaw Township during the first week of March 2011 on suspicion of having links to the Taliban.

After their arrest, the authority charged them under the law regarding forming or connecting to illegal organizations, sections 17(1) and 17(2).


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